Adentrarse en los pasajes abstractos de Meléndez, remite a lo más esencial del arte: el sentimiento puro.  El atardecer, reducido a sus aspectos cromáticos, formales y estructurales, el ser humano sintetizado en su mínima expresión pero con el mayor significado, la naturaleza, las aves, las flores, los arboles se perciben en signos y símbolos que se descubren en los lienzos.

Los colores vibran con frecuencias específicas que usadas por Meléndez  dan una estructura cromática única, que se convierte en  la rma del artista. Las texturas, la arena y los óxidos enriquecen aun más el impacto cromático. 

Esta obra acentúa las formas, abstrayéndolas, alejándolas de la imitación  o reproducción fiel o verosímil de lo natural pero siempre desbordantes de poesía, reflejo fiel del alma juguetona del artista.

La trayectoria de Armando se conforma de exposiciones en algunas de las principales capitales culturales del mundo y su obra forma parte de la colección permanente de algunos museos.




2018    IMU Imagen Museo, Colima. Exposición                               Micheladas.

2018    MUSA Colección AMARTE

2015    Metroplitan Graphic Art Gallery, N.Y

              Museo Macay Mérida, Yucatán. Expo colectiva

2014    Universidad Anahuac del Norte, Rosa                                   Wixarika, CDMX.

             Premio internacional Gaviota, Fundación Isidro              Favela. Chicago Illinois.

2011    Rosa Wixarika, Zocalo CDMX.
              Galería Clave, Guadalajara, México
              Galería El Hormiguero, Guadalajara, México
              Galería Magritte, Guadalajara, México

2006   Ex-Convento del Carmen
2005   Teatro Degollado
              Gallery Arte Latinoamericano Pto. Vallarta,                       Jalisco
              Boarding House Gallery Nantuket, Mass.




2011      Participación Proyecto Escultorico PÁKAL.
              Juegos Panamericanos 2011, Representando a                     Mexico, con  La Rosa Wixarika.
2003    Auction: Great Autos of Yesterday, Pesadena,                       Cal. Auction: Aids Service Center, Palm Springs, 
              Cesarea Gallery, Boca Ratón , Florida
2001     Artist in residence, Johnson Vermont Studio                          center

1998      Galería Luis Adelantado Spain – Expoarte,                                 Guadalajara, México.

1995      Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores                    de Occidente, Guadalajara, México
1994     Expo Arte ’94 Guadalajara, México

1993      Galería Azul , Guadalajara, México

1992     The “X” Nantucket, Mass
               1a. Biennal de Pintura del Caribe                                                    y Centroamérica, Galería de Arte Moderno, Santo                Domingo, Dominican Republic

1992     Wizo Art ´92 Miami, Florida

               Artist in residence La Romana Altos de Chavón,                    República  Dominicana.
               Galería Altos de Chavón, La Romana, Republica                    Dominicana.
Wetherholt Galleries, Washington D.C.
1990      Salón Vida y Muerte, Galería Municipal Torres                         Bodet, Guadalajara, México.


I studied Architecture, but dedicated my life to paint, my passion. Studied in Paris, with Alechinsky, around 1971. Studied a MFA at the New York Academy of Arts in 1992 Live and work between New York and Mexico.

Artist Statement I was born in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico, on the 19 of november 1954. In 1980, got my Master degree in The I.T.E.S.O (Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente). In 1992 went to New York to enroll in master degree program, at the NEW YORK ACADEMY OF FIGURATIVE ARTS, founded by the late Andy Warhol.

I started to paint long before my studies on Architecture, my first aproach to paint was in 1973 as an exchange student living in Islip, Long Island. I remmember it was DE KOONING, that did it 11, ever since, i wanted to become an artist.

IF before I was an artist dedicated to create paintings, i.e surfaces unified by the oil pigments, now I avail myself of whatever techniques, (cements, sand, resins, wax, dirt) objects, materials, procedures or ideas I deem necessary to acomplish my artistic expression. Most prominent is the incorporation of sand, and the use of water, oxidazing color, and experimenting with textures.


The works range from extreme visual complexity in particular those relating to sedimentation strata, archeology,etc, to extreme simplicity-in particular the most recent materic ones. My working method is constructive and substractive, generating space, rather than dividing it.

The result is so touchable that it appeals to the senses and draws upon ones connection to the earth through the body. In my recent works, I realized that the expression of Art arises from feeling of sensations, and that the profundity of life provides the wisdom, that I can only demostrate in painting, my life experience, inner feelings, and culture, much clearer and more completly than my language, and my words, the form of my inner being, the pulsation, and the passion by so far-better, than any attempt to do it with words.


I can speak louder and clearer the things that I have seen with my hearth and soul. My work is my life, thoughts and emotion, its content is absolute, natural, internally existent and emotional. I sincerelly hope that the viewer may, through this visual sensation, turns to his inner feelings, and communicate together, with me on through concept, the understanding of art in common.


Another area in which Abstract Expressionism has had an impact on my work, is to be found in the so called "non precious attitude toward work". The contrary, to the philosophy of figurative Art Academy I attended, it took me almost 5 years to re-analize, all the-yet-valuable knowledge and information I received.Then humbly as a Tzen monk, start to re-learn, new ways and methods, and take away all the fears and limitations.


Now, my willingnes, and innovative painting methods drives me to paint on the composition, until "I CANT DO ANYTHING MORE". This is reflected in the complex multileyer structures of the canvases. The serious viewer will agree that there seems to be more that that which meets the eye, an idea about art, nature, the origins of existence, wating to be discovered in the images makes themselves known to you.